Sex and Relationship Counseling In Michigan

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Mental health and relationship therapy throughout Michigan by a real, authentic person. 


Mistakes, imperfections, relationship struggles and communication breakdowns are all welcome here.

Reaching out to get the support you want and deserve is not easy. Being here speaks to the courage and strength you have to seek help when nothing else has worked.

I typically work with clients from communities that I also belong to and find this to be a valuable reality as a therapist. Clients that come to see me are from various LGBQIA+, kinky, open relationship (polyamorous, relationship anarchists, non monogamous, etc.) communities and seek me out for my experience and training.

I work with clients from all backgrounds in all different types of relationships and welcome any questions before we get started.

Current availability for individuals and couples seeking to improve communication and sexual connection with themselves and partners. I weave my training in sex therapy and sexuality into all of my therapeutic relationships as requested by clients. 


Therapy for LGBTQ+ Individuals

You have had the experience of seeing a counselor who has no clue how to support someone with your lived experience and are sick of searching. You may be struggling with your identity but the real struggle is dealing with society and family expectations. Minority stress is impacting your relationship with yourself and your ability to connect romantically and sexually with others. Some clients seek therapy for help completely unrelated to their sexual orientation and are simply looking for an affirming therapist.

Counseling for Anxiety

You just cant seem to understand why you cant put worry and stress down. You are looking for ways to better understand yourself, set boundaries, and improve your relationship with yourself and everyone else. There are days that you are filled with overwhelm and stress and it is impacting your work, relationships and ability to move through the world in ways you want.

Neurodivergent Therapy

Being in a space where you are free to be and think how you do is such a basic thing that so many of us have not been able to experience. Seeking a therapist who wants nothing to do with ABA and will not force behavior change while truly centering your needs in therapeutic goals is difficult. The entire system is built to make finding that nearly impossible. Is it that you need behavior change or is the system broken beyond repair and impacting your ability to just live life. This does not mean you cannot grow and change, in fact having an affirming place will make that possible.

Sex Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Our culture has not set us up for success in sexual connection with ourselves or partners. Sex therapy enables you to build a safer space with your therapist and begin to explore whatever aspects of your sexual functioning you want to address.

Transition Support for Trans Folks

A space to decompress and talk about the ways systems have caused harm or are gatekeeping your medical care is a desire that makes so much sense. Whether you need a letter for gender affirming surgery or a therapist who can hold your experience as a trans person without pathologizing you taking the first step to find someone can be daunting.

Couples, Marriage and Relationship Therapy

Improving your relationship when the world is full of chaos is difficult to begin but well worth the effort. There are so many unique scenarios the pandemic has brought about within our relationships it would take up the entire website to list them all!

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Relationship/Marriage Preparation Course and Certificate

This is a three hour marriage/commitment/relationship preparation course. This course is tailored to your relationship after you complete your relationship questionnaire. The therapist meets with only one couple for the duration of the course. Click for more information


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"My right to be me is tied with a thousand threads to your right to be you."

Leslie Feinberg



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