Relationship/Marriage Preparation Course and Certificate

                                                                      Create A Relationship Built to Last.

Three hour marriage/commitment preparation course. This course is unique because it is one couple/relationship with the therapist and tailored to your relationship. 

This course will help prepare you for a long term commitment by building on your strengths and teaching essential relationship insights and skills. 

This course is great for 

  • Engaged couples

  • Newlyweds

  • Couples considering marriage or commitment

Here Is What You Get

  • Pre-course questionnaires to complete and return, these assist you and your therapist in tailoring the course to your unique relationship

  • The course covers 13 key areas of relationship building. These include roles, expectations, personal strengths and limitations, communication, managing conflict, intimacy, finances, extended family, children, religion and more. 

  • An opportunity to get actively involved in defining your goals, differences, and ambitions.

  • An opportunity to discuss issues you are struggling with. 

  • Several handouts on relationship skills and practices.

  • A certificate of completion. 

  • A couples therapist familiar with your relationship that you can turn to in the future when issues arise.

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Esther Perel

"Your quality of life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships."