Lunar Eclipse


Reach out if you are sick of being misgendered and have therapists claim to work with LGBTQ+ clients but really not know what that means for LGBTQ+ clients as they move through the world. 

Whether you are questioning your gender or sexuality, are already aware that you are queer and trans or your identity isn't a major reason you are seeking therapy having a therapist with both lived experience and clinical experience can make a world of difference. 

B Snogles is a non-binary trans and queer therapist that is non monogamous and has their individual lived experience as well as clinical experience. B's experience is in supporting people individually, in their relationships and through transition as part of a support team for trans folks. 

After struggling to find their own queer and transgender competent therapist B Snogles decided to become a therapist. B pursued a masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and did their internship in a queer and trans group private practice and clinic. B spent their graduate clinical hours working with couples and many families with trans youth. B still provides therapy to families with trans youth and adults and has seen an increasing number of couples/ relationships with queer and trans members.