Lunar Eclipse


You feel alone in your relationship. You want to reconnect but don't know how. Your ability to communicate with one another needs a tune up. You are in pain, stressed, and unsure what to think about the future of your relationship. Your inner voice is pushing you to focus on yourself as a means to work toward deeper connections with friends and partners. You are overwhelmed at the thought of setting boundaries with the people in your life and end up resentfully complying to keep the peace.

You find yourself in an endless loop of bickering and fighting with your spouse or partner and have had enough. You may even be avoiding conversations for fear of the fight that will come after, in an endless loop of conflict avoidance and pain. 

Searching for and finding a therapist to address your pain points is not an easy journey. In fact, it is downright exhausting. Reaching out is the next step to reaching your relationship goals.



Whether you are polyamorous, monogamous, decoupling, divorced, co-parenting, practicing relationship anarchy or seeking premarital or marriage counseling there is space for you here!

B is trained to support individuals, couples, and relationships to navigate concerns related to sexual orientation, anxiety, depression, gender identity/transition/expression, romantic orientation, relationship orientation, emotion regulation, non-monogamy/polyamory, romantic relationships, family issues and dynamics, kink dynamics, body image/fat liberation, premarital, divorce, marriage, decoupling and self esteem. 

B Snogles, at Rooted In Change Therapy, provides counseling via Teletherapy across the state of Michigan.