Lunar Eclipse


You are feeling stuck in an endless loop of anxiety and worry or bogged down with sadness and depression, and there is a way to feel more present and satisfied in your everyday life. Searching for a therapist is an incredibly brave start of the process toward actualizing your goals. 

B Snogles strives to empower you on your own path and make the shifts central to understanding yourself. B is trained to support individuals, couples, and relationships to navigate concerns related to sexual orientation, anxiety, depression, gender identity/transition/expression, romantic orientation, relationship orientation, emotion regulation, non-monogamy/polyamory, romantic relationships, family issues and dynamics, kink dynamics, body image/fat liberation, premarital, divorce, marriage, decoupling and self esteem. 

B Snogles, at Rooted In Change Therapy, provides counseling via Teletherapy across the state of Michigan.